About us

Audable Ear Care is an independent, family run business led by Andrew, an experienced audiologist who is specially trained to remove ear wax. 

Andrew is a qualified audiologist with over 16 years experience in the field of audiology, working both in the public and private sector. He gained his MSc in Audiology at the University of Southampton and has worked at several different hospitals throughout the West of England, until settling in Dorset recently with his young family where he continues to work for the NHS.

Andrew completed his training in Advanced Aural Care (specialising in microsuction), and Ear Irrigation Wax Removal at Aston University, Birmingham, and has gone on to receive further training in microsuction with The Rotherham Primary Ear Care Centre. The training was delivered by experienced ear, nose and throat (ENT) professionals, to the professional standards required by the British Society of Audiology. Andrew is fully insured to remove ear wax using the safest and most appropriate method for the quantity and consistency of wax discovered.

Andrew is registered with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) and prides himself on delivering safe, gentle and friendly care. He is delighted to be offering personal ear health checks and ear wax removal services at The Hewson Clinic in Verwood.