Audable Ear Care provides routine ear wax removal in Verwood and surrounding areas. We are pleased to offer three different methods to ensure that ear wax is removed safely and effectively. Each method is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). The method used in your appointment will be the safest and most appropriate for the quantity and consistency of the ear wax discovered.

It is important to remember that there is supposed to be wax in the ear canal. Our aim is to remove the problematic wax, rather than completely stripping the ear canal clear and leaving it vulnerable to the possibility of dryness, irritation and infection.

Ear wax removal using microsuction

A fine suction tube is carefully positioned in the entrance of the ear canal whilst being viewed closely under illuminated magnification from a head loupe (high magnification lenses). The ear wax is removed from the ear by safe, gentle suction from the tube, which can sound quite loud. Microsuction is an increasingly popular method of removing wax blockages from the ear canal because no water is introduced to the ear, which could lead to infection. Microsuction also tends to requires less wax softening preparation than irrigation.

Ear wax removal using water irrigation

A gentle flow of warm water is circulated around the ear canal using an electronic machine at a safe, controlled pressure to loosen and flush out the ear wax. Irrigation is sometimes a more effective solution if the ear wax is positioned deeper down the ear canal.

Ear wax removal using manual instrumentation

Fine tools can be inserted carefully into the ear and used to gently extract the ear wax from the ear canal. If the ear wax is not too far down the ear canal, this method may be preferrable if a patient also experiences troublesome tinnitus or vertigo.


Unfortunately we are not able to see patients who require any of the following services; instead you should seek advice from your GP or ENT doctor:

  • Wax removal from ears known to have perforated ear drums
  • Wax removal from recent, post-surgery ears
  • The removal of foreign objects from the ear
  • The removal of discharge or debris caused by acute or chronic ear infections, or which arise from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis

If you are unsure, please contact us for further advice.