Consultation only


It is important that a full health check of your ears is carried out prior to any ear wax being removed. We will carefully examine the area in and around your ears, inspect for any blockages and using a video otoscope, display an image of your ear canal for you to see on a computer screen. We will discuss the findings with you and the possible treatment options if necessary. For some patients, this will be all they require and they will not go on to have ear wax removed. If there are no concerns, or you decide not to proceed with ear wax removal for any reason, this is total amount you will be charged.

Full appointment (consultation + ear wax removal)

  • For one ear £45
  • For both ears £60

Following a thorough consultation, should you require ear wax to be removed from either one or both of your ears, you will be charged the above fees for the appointment (this includes the consultation fee). For stubborn blockages where a second appointment may be necessary, there will be no additional charge.

Return clients (within 12 months)

Unfortunately, some people are susceptible to a rapid, build-up of problematic ear wax and will require regular ear wax removal. For those returning clients that require repeat ear wax removal with Audable Ear Care within 12 months, the following fee’s apply:

  • For one ear £30
  • For both ears £45

Home visit call out

Additional fee £15

Should you live within a reasonable distance of The Hewson Clinic – BH31 7AQ and require a home visit, you will be charged £15 in addition to either the consultation or full appointment fee. For example:

  • Home visit + Consultation only fee = £30
  • Home visit + Full appointment fee = £60/£75